Ladybamboo Villa - Ubud - Bali


The LadyBamboo Villa is in the heart of Ubud, the cultural nexus of Bali. Just recently opened in 2006, many charmed guests have already made this their comfortable quiet sanctuary from which to explore ... from the richly varied Ubud area to the fascinating delights of Bali. LadyBamboo Villa is indeed the perfect place for those wishing to escape mass tourism or the glitz and glamour of grandiose hotels, preferring a more gentle family atmosphere instead.

It is equally attractive for touring or business with its easily accessed central location — directly adjacent to the Ubud Palace with its frequent and highly unique dance performances, and just a short walk to the town's best restaurants presenting their famously delicious Balinese cuisine. A high priority at LadyBamboo, we also offer wonderfully enjoyable onsite cooking classes enabling guests to bring back touches of this fine art to their own culinary experiences at home.

On a relatively small island with its myriad attractions, Ubud itself is ideally located on the island with the closest beach only 15 minute drive away. The Ubud area is approximately 300 meters above sea level and surrounded by idyllic rice fields, making it noticeably cooler than then most other tourist destinations in Bali. More information about Ubud may be easily found in numerous guide books or via the internet — here is a good starter.