Tour the Villa

Can't wait to come to Bali? We would love to welcome you here soon... please enjoy this sneak preview of what to expect while relaxing at LadyBamboo Villa.

Loading above is a slow pan from our spacious individual suites seen behind the handsomely landscaped central lotus pond garden, to a peaceful outdoor dining veranda and the blissful swimming pool directly overlooking the rich tropical foliage of the Mumbul River gorge. You may find yourself being steadily lulled into a soothing immersion of tropical sounds... a soft river, exotic birds, singing crickets and magical frogs, and of course those intriguing polyrhythms emanating from Balinese gamelan music ringing delicately in the distance.

For those with slower Internet access we provide slow motion pages, so if you can't view a particular movie please select 'Move slowly'. Even with high-speed access, you will appreciate the enhanced detail visible with this feature.

Water @ LadyBamboo Villa

Flowers everywhere

Pool @ LadyBamboo Villa

Favourite spot for our guests

Stones @ LadyBamboo Villa

Stonecarvings everywhere

Pond @ LadyBamboo Villa

Handsomely landscaped pond

Buddha @ LadyBamboo Villa

Protecting our pools

Steps @ LadyBamboo Villa

Central lotus pond garden

Frog @ LadyBamboo Villa

Our patron

Door @ LadyBamboo Villa

Door detail

Big Buddha @ LadyBamboo Villa

Towering our gardens

Flowers @ LadyBamboo Villa

From our flower gardens

Garden @ LadyBamboo Villa

The greens - loved by our guests

Window @ LadyBamboo Villa

Window detail

Sunset @ LadyBamboo Villa

Sunrise from our driveway

Entrance @ LadyBamboo Villa


Deco @ LadyBamboo Villa

Plenty of flower decoration

Terrace @ LadyBamboo Villa

Each room with own terrace

Paradise @ LadyBamboo Villa

Birds of paradise

Fabrics @ LadyBamboo Villa

Selected materials